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Bladon Chains Caravan Club Site

Bladon Chains Caravan Club Site

Routes nearby the club site.
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Laura Cass
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The Caravan and Motorhome Club

Schwierigkeit mittel
Strecke 9,6 km
Dauer 2:21 h
Aufstieg 32 hm
Abstieg 34 hm

From Greenhill Leisure park this walk set off. Through country side and across river bridges this walk has all the scenery and excitement you need.

von Motorhome steve,   Community
Schwierigkeit schwer
Strecke 17,7 km
Dauer 4:21 h
Aufstieg 30 hm
Abstieg 50 hm

Hanborough to Oxford

von I Mappiman,   Community
Schwierigkeit mittel
Strecke 7,1 km
Dauer 1:46 h
Aufstieg 49 hm
Abstieg 49 hm

Find a parking space in Combe, start from the village green 1 Leave towards Long Hanborough and bear right into West End. Continue ahead through ...

von Tony Carter,   Community
Karte / 7.5km Hanborough loop
Schwierigkeit mittel
Strecke 7,6 km
Dauer 1:04 h
Aufstieg 72 hm
Abstieg 72 hm

An extended loop around Long Hanborough, switching from metalled roads to muddy paths and back again.

von Thomas Pringle,   Community
Karte / Long & Church Hanborough, Freeland
Schwierigkeit mittel
Strecke 5,9 km
Dauer 1:05 h
Aufstieg 44 hm
Abstieg 44 hm

A gentle route, taking in some of the sights connecting Long Haborough, Church Hanborough and Freeland.

von Thomas Pringle,   Community
Karte / Woodstock & Blenheim Palace circular walk
Schwierigkeit mittel
Strecke 14,5 km
Dauer 3:37 h
Aufstieg 57 hm
Abstieg 55 hm

Woodstock – Hensington – Samsom’s Cottage – Stonesfield Steps – Park Farm – Combe Lodge – Bladon Bridge – Lower Park - Woodstock

von Tony Carter,   Community
Schwierigkeit mittel
Strecke 16,7 km
Dauer 4:08 h
Aufstieg 43 hm
Abstieg 42 hm

Wonderful walk around the outskirts of Woodstock and through the grounds of Blenheim Palace. Some mud in early section in winter, most of the walk ...

von Tony Carter,   Community
Karte / Wootton, Woodstock, and Blenheim Palace
Schwierigkeit mittel
Strecke 10,8 km
Dauer 5:14 h
Aufstieg 71 hm
Abstieg 71 hm

A circular route starting in Wootton, and heading over to the public park of Blenheim Palace, then back via Woodstock.

von Jon Ingram,   Community
Schwierigkeit mittel
Strecke 4,2 km
Dauer 1:05 h
Aufstieg 46 hm
Abstieg 46 hm

A good walk, some on tarmaced surface, along beside a waterway and then lake, with good views of Blenheim Palace.

von Apple Pip,   Community
Karte / Woodstock and Blenheim Park (Shorter Loop)
Schwierigkeit mittel
Strecke 7,7 km
Dauer 1:56 h
Aufstieg 30 hm
Abstieg 30 hm

A shorter loop around Blenheim Palace's Great Park, starting in Woodstock.

von Jon Ingram,   Community