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Blackshaw Moor Caravan Club Site

Blackshaw Moor Caravan Club Site

Routes nearby the club site.
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The Caravan and Motorhome Club

Schwierigkeit mittel
Strecke 10,9 km
Dauer 3:06 h
Aufstieg 262 hm
Abstieg 262 hm

Follow Sir Gawain, Knight of the Round Table, and find the chapel of the Green Knight near the Roaches.

von Mark Rickaby,   Community
Mountainbike · Staffordshire
Rudyard Lake, near Leek
Schwierigkeit leicht
Strecke 7,2 km
Dauer 0:40 h
Aufstieg 40 hm
Abstieg 42 hm

This delightful ride starts on the western edge of Leek alongside Rudyard Lake, set against a background of steep wooded slopes. The surface ...

von CycleCity Guides,   CycleCity Guides
Schwierigkeit leicht
Strecke 8,5 km
Dauer 2:34 h
Aufstieg 251 hm
Abstieg 250 hm

Explore the source catchment of the Hamps, two fine viewpoints (Elkstone Hill and Merryton Low). The latter part of the walk is ameliorated by the ...

von Cicerone Publishing,   Cicerone Publishing
Schwierigkeit mittel
Strecke 13,2 km
Dauer 3:50 h
Aufstieg 420 hm
Abstieg 288 hm

Route that takes in some beautiful peak district scenery, leads back to a great self-catering house called Quarnford Lodge

von Gareth Regan,   Community
Schwierigkeit mittel
Strecke 12,7 km
Dauer 3:34 h
Aufstieg 311 hm
Abstieg 311 hm

Along the bottom of The Roaches, to Lud's Church, Forest Wood to Bearstone Rock, along the top of the Roaches to Doxey Pool and back

von The Laurels Bed and Breakfast,   Community
Schwierigkeit mittel
Strecke 8,9 km
Dauer 2:30 h
Aufstieg 216 hm
Abstieg 212 hm

Look out for wallabies while enjoying folklore and oatcakes amid striking Staffordshire gritstone outcrops.Distance 6 miles (10 km)Type ...

von BBC Countryfile Magazine,   BBC Countryfile Magazine
Strecke 21,9 km
Dauer 6:02 h
Aufstieg 515 hm
Abstieg 515 hm

Walk from an Old Trail magazine.

von I Mappiman,   Community
Schwierigkeit mittel
Strecke 17,4 km
Dauer 5:01 h
Aufstieg 530 hm
Abstieg 532 hm

Terrain rough and heathery moorland with a number of well established paths

von Trail Magazine,   Trail Magazine
Schwierigkeit leicht
Strecke 8,9 km
Dauer 2:31 h
Aufstieg 199 hm
Abstieg 199 hm

The walk starts at Roach End at the northern end of the Roaches. There is some parking on the verges at the roadside, but it may be limited on busy ...

von John Corn,   Community