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trail towards Veliki Sneznik


Via Dinarica Slovenija Postojna via Snežnik to Prezid

28.05.2021 · Community
I hiked the whole trail, as on the map. Trails are maintained, but on some parts not marked or is many of them, so app is a must. You hike quite a lot on asphalt and gravel roads, that's why I didn't really liked that trail (I know that Slovenia has much much more beautiful trails). But has some highlights as Snežnik, castle Snežnik, Cerknica lake, Nanos, Predjama castle, Rakov Škocjan, Križna cave (you can enter it just with a guide, so you need to reserve in advance, when I came it was closed, it's written that they'll open on 1st of June), Bloško lake, Križna mountain, Slivnica mountain. I hiked quite slow, because I wanted that my body get used to it so I needed 8 days. Slept in: by the road from Gorenje to Sv. Lovrenc (tent), Planina (friend's house), Dolenje Jezero (asked to sleep in a barn, you have rooms as well), by the Sv. Miklavž church next to village Ulaka (tent), glamping by Bloke lake (expensive, 30€ for a night), hostel in Podcerkev (15€/night), Sviščaki mountain lodge (you can eat here as well), Babno polje Drugi dom (20€/night, https://www.loskadolina.info/drugi-dom.html). Water is not a problem, because you pass by many villages where you can ask for water. You can also buy food in quite a lot of villages. Definitelly quite many bears aroud Snežnik, I met one. I think it's the best just to make some noise, sing a song or something like this, so they hear you in advance. They are very afraid of humans, so it's not a problem at all.
Gemacht am 20.05.2021

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