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qatvan C

01.05.2018 · Community
Great trail with beautiful views. Not always well marked, so you should have a good sense of direction to stay on track. There’s some forest work going, I decided to go ahead despite the warning sign. Fallen trees block the initial part of the trail which might put you off the track for a while. Teufelsee isn’t as spectacular as I thought it’d be (just my opinion). The terrain can be a little rough especially as you approach Teufelsee, the way down approaching the lake exhausted me so I decided to take the forest road at the other end of the lake (and not follow the steep path up the mountain as shown in the trail above). Overall, a great experience. Thank you!
Tuesday, 1. May 2018, 20:50
Tuesday, 1. May 2018, 20:50
Foto: qatvan C, Community
Foto: qatvan C, Community
Warning sign
Foto: qatvan C, Community
Tuesday, 1. May 2018, 20:51
Foto: qatvan C, Community

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