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View close to Kremnica Skalka


SNP - part of the E8 in Slovakia


Matej Valuch

05.12.2019 · Community
Did it this June/July with a friend. Was an enriching experience. The infrastructure is excellent, as well as the signposting and way marking. Highly recommended in spring and summer months. I also made a simple English website with all necessary info for anyone who'd like to hike the trail, and needs information (maps, gps files, list of streams and accommodation/camping places, recommended equipment, etc). You can check it here: https://snptrail.com . Thanks and enjoy the hike!
Gemacht am 22.06.2019
Foto: Matej Valuch, Community
Foto: Matej Valuch, Community
Foto: Matej Valuch, Community

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