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Semonzo +Campocroce + 95


Richard Whitmarsh

25.07.2019 · Community
www.strava.com/activities/2545642997 This was a spontaneous ride on a rented hardtail... Bike was good enough, but you know how it is when the saddle isn't yours and doesn't quite feel right, and I borrowed some SPD shoes from the rental guy, and the frame was L not XL... My first experience in the Alps, so was pretty beat after climbing up above Campo Croce, so the rough and loose DH (pic) was tough on a hardtail... Wondering where the woodsy pic was taken cuz I didn't pass anything like that... Must have been near the end, which I cut off... Thanks for posting the path so I could have something to explore!
Gemacht am 19.07.2019
Foto: Richard Whitmarsh, Community
Foto: Richard Whitmarsh, Community
Foto: Richard Whitmarsh, Community

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