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Pirin-Durchquerung 2016

Hi Nil, several comments: a) from Pirin hut to Bezbog hut there are (at least) two options: - a direct one we did in 2014 - see tour https://www.alpenvereinaktiv.com/de/tour/quer-durchs-pirin-etappe-2-huette-pirin-huette-bezbog/11346191/ (in opposite direction) - in 2016 we did it in two stages - first day from Pirin Hut to Demjanitsa hut (https://www.alpenvereinaktiv.com/de/tour/pirin-demjanitsa/14668031/), second day from Demjanitsa Hut to Bezbog Hut (https://www.alpenvereinaktiv.com/de/tour/demjanitsa-bezbog/14668089/) b) almost in the middle between Pirin Hut and Demjanitsa Hut there is a small hut without accommodation at Tevno Ezero - there you can camp. From there, you don't need to take the way to Demjanitsa hut but can continue directly to Bezbog hut. c) all hiking tracks in Pirin are well marked with coloured signs d) take a look at the map I've recommended in my post (Tourist Map Pirin (1:50.000) - Verlag Domino). It is available on Amazon (i.e. https://www.amazon.de/Pirin-Bulgarien-Wanderkarte-1-50-000/dp/9546511382/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_2?__mk_de_DE=%C3%85M%C3%85%C5%BD%C3%95%C3%91&keywords=Wanderkarte+Pirin) e) no, our routes in 2014 (https://www.alpenvereinaktiv.com/de/tour/quer-durchs-pirin/12279913/) and 2016 (https://www.alpenvereinaktiv.com/de/tour/pirin-durchquerung-2016/20324062/) are not identical - just the other way: I've tried to have at least identical parts as possible. However, it touches particulary the same huts (as Pirin is a small mountain area) Regards Karsten

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Xavier Casellas Carrasco
27.12.2019 · Community
Hi Karsten, We followed your track during last August and it was a really enjoyable experience. The instructions were really clear and we didn't have any problem. We are really grateful to you for discovering us such a nice trekking and those beautiful sceneries. We just wanted to thank you for all the help, we would have wanted to answer before but we never had the time until now. Best wishes for the coming year, Xavier and Nil
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