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JULIANA TRAIL – Gesamtverlauf


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21.09.2020 · Community
We walked stage 4 - 13 from accommodation to accommodation with approx 10 kg Rucksacks. We appreciated the large variety of different stages from high mountain meadows to wild river paths, from lakes to woods and lovely views. Lots of lovely remote villages, too. Thumbs up to the length of the stages, some quite challenging interspersed with easy walks inviting additional excursions from gorges and water falls to museums. There were some draw backs, too. Considering that this path is pretty new I hope it can be improved on: - signage: some stages are very well indicated, others very badly. Most prominent example is Pokljuka. The way up gives more than ample opportunity to get lost and GPS signal is not always available to help stay on track. The next day however is really well indicated - it being a different county in charge - the track lacks benches and/or shelters on many stages. These could and should be added over time. - much too much asphalt for no apparent reason. We found alternative routes without adding much to the stages and where we did follow the official asphalt and road routes, we were certain, alternatives through fields and woods could be found. Make deals with local farmers where necessary - but do consider rerouting where the road exceeds 2 km in unbroken length.
Gemacht am 15.09.2020

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