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JULIANA TRAIL – Gesamtverlauf


Primož Božič

11.09.2020 · Community
I've noticed that route has more than slight differences if I compare entire trail with separate stages. How come?

3 Antworten

Antwort von Janko Humar  · 13.09.2020 · Turizem Dolina Soce
The reason might be that the entire trail was drawn on the map and the individual stages were recorded as GPS tracks. But I hope you agree that those differences are not most important question :-)...
Antwort von Boris Markocic · 12.11.2020 · Community
First of all congratulations to the team for Juliana trail project. It is an experience to remember. My wife and I completed it this autumn. Cannot agree with Janko completely. Have a look to Stages 15 and 16. They are far from reflecting reality. Particularly Stage 15 as shown on individual map is quite different. You have to walk on main road from Cave di Predil almost to Tarvisio. And close to Tarvisio if you follow the map you get lost. Some corrections are needed. Boris
Antwort von Janko Humar  · 12.11.2020 · Turizem Dolina Soce
Thank you Boris; me/we are glad that you liked the trail. But I do not understand the problem - which individual map you have in mind? The updated track is always on line. The stage 15 you can see in Outdooractive: https://julian-alps.com/en/tour/hiking-trail/juliana-trail-stage-15-log-pod-mangartom-tarvisio-italy-/34668841/ and the line is o.k. There is only a minor difference in printed guide edition where track is following the main road all the way to Tarvisio and the final version you can find on line leads from Plezzut to railway station and from there back to Tarvisio. Both ways you come to Tarviso anyway... The problem that is still open on Italian side is that there is no signposting . Italian friends are still looking for approvals to lead the trail out of the main road where possible, unfortunately it takes time... But the trail is well marked through most demanding part to Predil pass/border line and further on the line is a simple one mainly following the road and biking trail to Kranjska Gora and should be easy to find... We will do our best to work it out with italian friends to assure the same standards as in Soca Valley.
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