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JULIANA TRAIL – Gesamtverlauf


Cordula Winkler

24.08.2020 · Community
First off, the Julian Alps are beautiful. However, the Juliana Trail is not what I expected. I did stages 1-6 from Kranjska Gora to Bohinij but then quit after five days. There was too much walking on pavement/streets or next to streets. I totally hurt my feet and legs. I’m a seasoned hiker but want to be in nature. Not too much of that on the Juliana Trail. I then went into the National Park to climb Triglav and do a 4-day hike. It was absolutely stunning and exactly what I was looking for. Beautiful scenery, trails and little paths and of course nature. Totally worth it. I wish I’d known this and I wouldn’t have wasted my time on the Juliana “Trail”. Just my opinion, of course, but important info for future hikers.

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Evan Gerberding
03.11.2021 · Community
Hi Cordula, my husband and I are planning to hike the Juliana trail in mid-September of 2022. Like you, we don’t want to hike on roads or next to highways. We prefer dirt trails and quiet areas. Can you suggest which stages we should avoid so we can customize our hike accordingly? We’d like to do at least 5-6 stages but want to make the trip worth it. Thank you for your input! Evan
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