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Dobratsch via Jägersteig


Dobratsch via Jägersteig


Bila lord

24.06.2020 · Community
Beautiful area with a lot to see and experience, that's why 2 stars. In fact, the Jägersteig is VERY DANGEROUS and should be avoided. Please use the alternative path right above it (I have a link on my profile). The Jägersteig includes several areas where recent stone avalanches occurred and leave wandering people with no to very few safety. An example is provided in the picture below where you can see a very exposed area of it. The floor can be slippery and there is nothing to catch onto if you slip, and if you do, you will fall down the ravine. There is nothing to stop you. This path is very dangerous and should not be taken for a "hobby hike", it can quickly turn to be unfun. Additionally, there is NO MAINTENANCE on this path as it is part of a natural reserve, which makes it even more dangerous. Avoid this area at all costs after rainy days or upon wet floor or poor visibility. DO NOT bring your children there. The area is fantastic and the first third of the way to the summit is the real issue. You can EASILY bypass it (you won't loose anything by doing so!) with the path above, which I strongly recommend you do. Be safe and enjoy nature!
Gemacht am 11.06.2020
Foto: Bila lord, Community

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