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Almdorf Eng am Großen Ahornboden


Die klassische Karwendeltour


rob regeer

22.12.2019 · Community
Good afternoon, next June we would like to take the classic walk through Karwendel. According to my data this is a 3 day walk. Is it possible to extend this tour to 4 or 5 days? Our wish is that the weight of the tour remains average, so we prefer no black stages. Thank you very much in advance for your answer. Kind regards, Rob Regeer

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Hi Rob, I'm happy to hear that you are interested in hiking this beautiful walk! You can definitely extend this tour to 4 or 5 days. e.g. you could shorten the second day and finish in Eng-Alm. From there, hike north across the beautiful Großer Ahornboden and then to the east, up the "Faule Eng" to Gramaialm-Hochleger and down again to Graimai, where you can spend the night. From there ascend east towards Lunstkopf und Rappenspitze and then descend towards the hermitage St. Georgenberg and through the Wolfsklamm to Stans. Hope this helps! Franz
Antwort von rob regeer · 04.01.2020 · Community
I succeed to find your alternative on the map. Is this alternative also 'mittel schwer'? best, Rob
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